RS-545HS Gear and Pressure

Does any one know the gear pitch and pressure angle for the RS-545HS Motor?

I know that it has a 3.2mm shaft, and you can remove the gear with a special gear puller that you can buy for under $20 from Banebots and probably from lots of Radio Control car hobby stores. Then you can intall the gear you need on the motor. The gear should be available from the place that sells the transmission you are planning on using, or from the motor that came installed on that transmission.

Thanks thatll cover the pitch does anyone have any ideas on the pressure?

I think my post above was not very clear, because you seem to not have deduced what I meant…sorry for that!

I meant to take the mystery gear off the 545 mabuchi motor, and throw the gear away in the garbage. Then find a new gear that will fit the 3.2mm shaft, one that you know what the pressure angle and pitch are, and put it on the motor.