RS395-12V Motor Mount

Our team made design change requiring us to mount the smallest size BaneBots motor (RS395) to our robot. The next size up, RS540, is another viable option for us. We’ve searched the BaneBots website and cannot find a smaller alternative to the CIM-U-LATOR (which we’ve already ordered for the larger motors). Does anyone know of a way to mount the smallest BaneBot motors to an aluminum channel that will be able to arrive before the ship day?

Hose clamp, my team is using it for a mini-bot deployment system and we simply dremeled to small holes in the channel and ran a hose clamp around the whole mess, the bane bots does not have enough torque to turn itself.

Take a look at a hobby shop for some sort of model airplane “Speed 400” gearbox. Might work.

we used a Black and Decker electric screwdriver. It is super easy to pop out the motor and replace it with a BB 395, you just have to remove a couple ribs inside the housing and file a flat into motor shaft. If I remember right, they have about an 1:80 reduction.