RS550 and 775 to be legal for 2016, dimensions of KOP items

Apparently Banebots is cool again.

That redaction is curious… Did anyone know what it said prior?

They’re just messing with us :slight_smile:

I wonder what this means for the 775pro? They told us now that the banebot motors are legal again, but we’ll have to wait for kickoff to see if 775pro is legal.

Interesting… It’s cool to see that we have 2 CIM alternatives with the RS775 and the 775Pro. However those KoP dimensions… 2248 inches… I think litter had similar dimensions and was also listed in last year’s KoP dimensions.

Could be a jousting stick sorta thing. That would be pretty neat.

The long skinny one might be the same aluminum angle we got last year.

Redacted is just to not give away the dimensions of the game pieces.

The “One set of items, collectively, 2 in. x 2 in. x 48 in., 5 lbs” : could be a flag (with pole) or perhaps 4 @ 1" x 48" cylinders, or even more thinner cylinders.

Edit: by cylinder I meant the shape, but one or more pneumatic cylinders is not out of the question.

I’m betting on this one.

In a former blog post we declared Banebots 775 and 550 motors illegal for the 2016 season. This was because Banebots was no longer producing the motor and we wanted to ensure all teams had access to the same set of motors. After seeing feedback from the community, Banebots was able to work with us and start back up production of the 775 and 550! Banebots will have sufficient stock of both motors for the coming season and thus M7-RS775-18 and M5-RS550-12 will be legal for 2016!

Awesome!! This means the three M7-RS775-18’s I bought when I heard they were going out of production will now be legal to use this year.

My Grandson will be bummed though. His Power Wheels will not be getting the upgrade I had planned. Maybe a 775Pro will be used later. :yikes:

… post moved here, since more of the discussion of the kit of parts is there.

I wounder how common the rs-775 will be now that the 775Pro is around (assuming the 775Pro is legal).

Fairly common considering many teams have a pretty large stockpile of BB 775s. If we have a mechanism that really needs as much power as possible (flywheel shooter, for example) we might purchase some 775Pros but for other high-speed mechanisms (intakes, conveyors, eg) the BB 775 is more than adequate and already in our shop.

I’m still bitter from the huge reliability concerns the Banebots 775s had in 2011, where case shorts potentially ruined seasons for some teams. Combine that poor track record with the 775pro’s power and efficiency improvements, particularly the ball bearing supported output shaft, and I’d be wary of using BB 775s again. I do know that teams used 775s from 2012-2015 without many notable incidents, so they probably fixed the problem, but 2011 left a sour taste in my mouth.

We have a large number of RS775’s so we’re very happy that they are legal again for 2016. Pretty sure we’ll have another robot with just CIM’s, Mini-CIM’s, RS775’s and BAG’s. Don’t see much reason to use any other motors.

Exactly this. In the 3v3 era, I can think of four spectacular, caused-a-lot-of-teams-a-lot-of-heartache-if-not-cost-them-Einstein COTS failures:

  1. The 2007 Banebots drive gearboxes, where planet gear carriers were getting swapped out as late as Championship
  2. The 2009 driver station, whose guts were apparently completely unprotected from static and anything on the I/O pins
  3. The 2011 Banebots 775, which literally shut 781 down in the Einstein finals
  4. The entire 2012 field-and-control-system combination, which…yeah.

Two of those were mandatory things your team had to use, and as such you didn’t really have a choice. But by golly, there’s no shortage of alternatives to the other two.

to be included in the kick off kit “One item, 8 in. x 3 in. x 7 in., 14 lbs.”

that’s almost the density of a solid block of aluminum, what could this be,.I thought maybe this was just a collection of aluminum parts but it specifies “one item” and that’s a pretty big hunk of something. possibly a game piece for this year?

One word:

With the whole illegal vs now legal drama, at least some good came out of it.
Suppliers looked for alternatives and thus the birth of the 775Pro.:slight_smile:
We just got our 10 we ordered.