RS550 as FP 0673 replacement

Looking for a motor to power a single wheel shooter, we wanted to use the 0673 at first… but seeing it is out of stock. We are looking at other options.

The Banebots RS550 spins at 19,300 RPM free, almost the same as the 0673.

Is the 550 a feasible replacement for the FP for this? I believe the FP is also a 500 series motor so I would think the RS550 is about as tough.

In my opinion they are the next best thing.

I will probably end up using multiple RS-550s on our shooter.

I was contemplating that as well. Remember you can use 4 550’s and only 2 0673’s.

This is a good point.

I guess I can use the FP motors somewhere else that doesn’t need the higher RPMS.