RS7 Encoder Closed Loop Control with TalonSRX


My team is using encoders for the first time this year - Currently we have a RS7 Encoder connected to a 775 Pro Motor and have the A,B,G,and V connected to a breakout board that is plugged into the 775Pro’s TalonSRX. I know that I want to use closed loop position control, but I do not know how to approach it. I understand how PID itself works, but I don’t know how to implement it -The guide for the RS7 Encoder on the armabot website is out of date and I was wondering if there was any sample code I could reference for this encoder or if somone could explain how to approach this

Or if closed loop with talonsrx is not the best way to use these encoders, how should I use them


I’d say start with the documentation.

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