RSL blinking/not working

Our team hooked up the RSL to the digital sidecar, just like the power diagram. Sometimes it works for a second, then starts blinking. Sometimes it blinks as soon as it gets power. On the digital sidecar, there’s a little green light right by where the RSL is connected, and that’s blinking. We’ve checked the connections and can’t find anything wrong there. Everything else attached to the digital sidecar works fine. My teammates and I were under the assumption that the light is supposed to be solid. Is that correct? Has anyone else had this problem?

The small LED’s meanings can be checked at

It sounds like either you have bad communication or the robot is disabled.

The light should be solid when your robot is enabled. It will blink when its disabled. Does your robot randomly become disabled or is the light just randomly blinking even when your robot is enabled ?

funny, our BFL does the same. When the led flashes, so does the light. But when the led is solid on, the lamp still flashes. It’s as if the lamp has a flasher bulb like a Xmas tree light.

We only have two of the lamp connections wired. I keep telling the kids to check the wiring diagram.

The lamp basically does have a flasher in it. The extra wire specified between the outer two connections disables it.

The large, external RSL needs to have a jumper installed. The jumper is installed between the La adn Lb pins at the light connector per the Robot Power Distribution Diagram.