RSL connection

Where can our team buy the RSL power input from? (The plastic that connects to the RSL and the cables connect to it)

Here is one possible source:

Basically this. Every team I’ve been on since those became the signal light has just chopped up a 2-wire or PWM cable to do the job.

Are you sure we can chop a PWM cable? Will it pass the inspection?

Read R59, and Table 8-4 below. Last row, emphasis mine:

“SIGNAL LEVEL circuits (i.e. circuits which draw ≤1A continuous and have a source incapable of delivering >1A, including but not limited to roboRIO non-PWM outputs, CAN signals, PCM Solenoid outputs, VRM 500mA outputs and Arduino outputs)” calls for 28 AWG minimum wire size.

am-0693 is 22 (and remember, lower numbers are bigger). AndyMark doesn’t post the size of the 2-wire cable (and it would be bad practice to put it on the robot without verifying wire size off something like the insulation), but I’ve run the cable on RSLs before without incident

Yes you can definitely chop up PWM cables. Actually, if you look at the roboRIO port for the RSL, it’s actually .3 inches wide (allowing a PWM wire to be put in without cutting up the housing.) I don’t like to infer intent, but this seems fairly obvious that the RSL could be powered with a PWM cable.

Also, being a signal level wire, there is no wire color requirement.

Understood, thanks everyone!

That was exactly the intent.