RSL mounting rules

I’m wondering if I am interpreting the rule about visibility of the RSL correctly.

Any RSL must be:
A. Mounted on the robot such that it is easily visible while standing three (3) feet in front of the ROBOT

Does this mean you only have to see it from the front or do you have to be able to see it from all sides? This would affect if I have to mount a second RSL to the back of the robot.


The RSL only needs to be visible from the front of the robot standing at least 3 feet away. However, you may run into an issue during inspection so if you can your best bet would be to mount a second RSL.

The RSL is there as a diagnostic, both to the field crew and your drive team. Ours is currently visible from three sides, so we’re adding a second light to ensure full visibility. (Yes, this is why I asked Q927.) (Note to self - get Veronica to add enabled/disabled to the spy signals.)