RSL Mounting

Hey it’s Cal here

After a few trips and falls at KC Regional, our team was wondering if we could hard-mount the RSL to the frame via hole cut in our shooter sideplate? We’re not a fan of the provided mount, so were wondering if that would be legal? The only rule I could find that applied was:


Robots shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light (RSL) provided in the KOP. It must be mounted on the Robot such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the Robot.

Which does not say how it must be mounted, only that it must be mounted “such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the Robot.”

What does CD think about this? Are there any teams that have already done this and have concerns about it?

Yes you can mount the RSL straight to the frame through any hole. As long as it is visible. We have pretty much never used the given mount.

Thank you. Probably should have gone the GDC route…

Obligatory: What mount are you talking about? We’ve historically used a pneumatics regulator bracket for the signal light, simply because it’s there and easy. But Akash is right–if you’re compliant, you’re compliant.

You may use whatever method you choose to mount the light and meet all other robot rules. We have often used a punch to make a hole in scrap aluminum and then rivet tot he robot frame somewhere that meets the visibility requirement.

That’s the one we’ve been using as well, but this year we wanted a sturdier mount because the light has had a tendency to fall out as we go over bumps and bridges (And fall off of said bridges…)

We’re going with just making a hole in the side of our shooter and sticking it there.

A 15/16" or 1" paddle bit will work nicely.