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So if we put 2 RSLs on the robot they would blink at the same rate (assuming you wire them properly). Is it possible to delay the second RSL (to make it blink opposite to the first) in an effort to give it a police siren/light look.

Following up on the police light look. Can we filter/tint the RSL to make it flash different colours?

Such an action would be legal on a second, separately wired RSL.
The normal RSL must be wired to the RSL port and be un modified.

See R65

Short answer
Long answer
R65 has a part number in it that is for an orange RSL so no.


I have no idea

No, and No.

If you want that sort of look, you’ll have to use a custom circuit with LED’s to generate it. The RSL shouldn’t be messed with, and the only RSL(s) on the robot need to be wired up correctly and be unmodified.


I don’t believe you could legally do either of those. The first would involve adding a custom circuit between the RSL and its port on the roboRIO (or hooking it up to somewhere other than its port) and the second would likely fail R66 since you’d be likely be modifying the RSL to do that.

You could certainly provide a similar effect using non-RSL lights, though. Look into WPILib’s WS2812B support they added this year.

A thing to remember is that the Robot Signal Light is there for safety and diagnostic reasons, not aesthetic ones. Thus it is generally a bad idea to do anything that adds potential ambiguity or misunderstanding to that safety feature. Between Rules S1 (general robot must be safe), R65 (rsl must be visible and wired correctly), and R66 (rsl can’t be modified), I wouldn’t try to do anything that could even conceivably conflict/be confused with the RSL.

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As @Joh_Stratis noted, this would have to be a custom circuit for either the contrasting color or the alternate phasing, much less both. Also, unless there’s some access to the RSL state in the library, you’d need a photoresistor or similar which triggers off of the RSL or the RSL LED on the RIO in order to sync/async up. Please don’t, but if you do, make sure the contrast is significant, and turn your light off when the RSL isn’t flashing - please don’t confuse the field crew!

The Wiki simple answer is R65 says no as stated in an earlier post. The why is immaterial.

I have to disagree with this part of your statement. Understanding why a thing is disallowed is more important than the fact that it is disallowed if the aim of this program is to produce people with the minds and skill sets ready to get into real STEM fields and thrive.

I agree with you in general, but there are exceptions. Game rules are often arbitrary. Sometimes it more important to accept them and understand how they effect you than understanding the why. A good practical example: I have no clue why gravity does what it does. But I make calculations dealing with the force of gravity every day. Also appreciate that the force of gravity keeps me on the earth despite the fact the centrifugal force from the earth spin is trying to throw me off.

If you want a reason for R65 is that the RSL provides specific information and it dangerous for another similar not to be transmitting the same information

Except game rules aren’t arbitrary, they were made with intentions of how they will affect and balance game play. Whether those intentions will be met depends on how others interpret and work around them.

And choosing to be ignorant of the why is ones personal choice. The information is out there as it should be for the how and why gravity works, its up to you if you want to know.

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