RSL stays on no matter the state of the 'bot

It recently struck me that our team’s robot signal light stays on even when the bot is disabled, and it doesn’t blink at all during teleop. The LED on the digital sidecar is the same, although I suppose that is to be expected.
Right now, it is connected properly as according to <R59>, but by means of being spliced into what the KOP checklist calls “RC extension cable”. is this the problem?

If both the LED on the digital side car and the RSL stay on all the time, this indicates a problem. The control system uses this as an indicator of not only enable/disable but several other things as well. I encourage you to check that your software has not overwritten or corrupted the Crio image and that you have downloaded the latest First approved Crio firmware.

Are you connected to slot 4 or slot 6?

We have recently updated to the latest version of the cRIO (version 20 if I remember correctly) and have had to reimage/reformat the cRIO at least twice. The light has never blinked, and I’m sure that it is the latest version.
It is plugged into slot 4.

OK, I am going to take another shot here. Are you using the cable that came in the KOP or are you using another cable that just happened to have the same connectors on both ends? The cable supplied is a one for one wiring. Not all cables are made like that and not all have all the pins wired. If this is the cable that came in the KOP then make sure you are fully inserted at both ends. These can look inserted when they are not fully pushed in. Happened in the finals last year at Boilermaker.

My mistake, what we are using is described in This checklist as “2-wire jumper cable 24” PN:03203” at the top of page 12. The wire has had the connector removed from one end, then soldered to small lengths of 18 AWG wire. There is another piece of 18 AWG wire bridging from La to Lb. The light itself appears to work, and the connection appears fine, as it doesn’t cut out when the robot is turned on. I will however, double-check tomorrow if the connector is loose. The LED on the sidecar however, does not seem to respond in the proper manner. I will see if I can post a video of it tomorrow or something.

Thanks once again for the help.