[RSN] 9PM ET Wed (12/12) - 2019 COTS Review Show with Allen Gregory from 3847!

AM Winter Launch was last week, VexMas is tomorrow, plus REV’s all-new (NEO) motor and Spark MAX motor controller and not one but two new COTS swerve modules released already for 2019!

With this smorgasbord of options, join the RSN crew and Allen Gregory from Spectrum 3847 for a special episode of **GameSense tomorrow night at 9pm ET/6pm PT **where we talk though the products and provide our initial reactions and reviews of the exciting new COTS offerings for the 2019 season!

We want to hear from you during the show, so be sure to tune in LIVE Wednesday at 9 PM ET at twitch.tv/RoboSportsNetwork

If your school or work blocks Twitch, you can also watch on our https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://youtube.com/robosportsnetwork)

Disclaimer: We have several RSN members who are employees and/or distributors of FRC suppliers, and many others who have ties through sponsorship or are involved in beta testing. This episode is NOT sponsored by any FRC suppliers, and in the interest of avoiding obvious conflict of interest, employees/distributors of vendors will not be participating in the live show. We will make every effort to make fair evaluations of the products, but it’s is a review show and we will be sharing our opinions.

Where are these swerve modules you speak of?


Swerve Drive Specialties

New vendor Swerve Drive Specialties and Armabot’s differential swerve offering

Don’t forget to join us tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Twitch and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://youtube.com/robosportsnetwork) for reactions to all of the new products announced so far, and maybe some Deep Space Speculation!

I"m definitely buying both swerve modules for future testing.