[RSN] check_in Ship Day Reveal LIVE 7 PM ET!

Check_in Season 1 Finale and Bag Day Reveal!

This is it; the final few hours of the 2017 build season. Tune in to check_in tonight to see the reveal of Big Bad Bob, Cybertooth, the EngiNERDs, Spectrum, Robowranglers and Apex Robotics! These teams have been working hard, and we’ve had the chance to take a peek at what they have been doing all season. Tonight, they will show off their creations with us, and with all of FIRST!

If you have questions for any of the teams, especially team 148, as their awesome reveal video is out, post them in this thread!

We can’t wait to end this season with a bang! So tune in at twitch.tv/FRCGameSense tonight at 7 PM ET!