[RSN] check_in Week 3: We Want Your Questions!

Build season is in full-swing! What are the check_in teams doing now that build season is in full swing?


Tune in Tuesday at 7 PM ET to check_in, as we hear from our teams on their progress this build season. If you missed it last week, here’s a quick run-down on the teams progress last week:

319: Early tests show that Big Bad Bob’s shooter can handle balls up to three-wide, but are still working on accuracy. For gears, it looks like they’ve got a spicy roller-collector in the works.

3940: After determining their direction right after check_in two weeks ago, Cybertooth is prioritizing fuel over gears or hanging. As of last week, they had lots of prototypes, and it looks like their design is beginning to take shape.

2337: Despite taking a day off to work with rookie teams, the EngiNERDS have completed their list of robot requirments, and have learned a lot about how spin affects their shots from their shooting prototypes.

3847](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG0ntocp9Y8): Spectrum was in the process of cutting out lots of prototypes out of wood on their CNC router, including their drivetrain! We’ll see how they shoot after abandoning their original idea of a turreted shooter.

148: We saw some balls being shot with pretty good accuracy, as well as a cartoon chainsaw covering their currently secret collector prototype. I’ll try to tease as much out of the Robowranglers as I can, but no promises!

5803: In only their second year, Apex Robotics is looking to accomplish all three aspects of the game this year. After cannibalizing their off-season robot to use as a prototype, I’m excited to see what direction they go.

We want your questions for the teams! If you’ve got something you want to ask any or all of them, you can post it here on Chief Delphi, or send it to us in our Twitch chat during the show!

Watch it live attwitch.tv/FRCGameSense at 7 PM ET Tuesday!

How good are they getting their shooters? Have they made consistent progress with prototypes to reduce their spread? Have they had to change their strategy at all due to achieved shooting performance?

How much Fuel per second can you: Shoot? Index?
How big is your Fuel Hopper?
How accurate are your current shooter prototypes?

Are you pursuing an active Gear mechanism? If so, why?

Another: Is everyone on your team involved in design? If not, how does the rest of your team keep busy while the CAD / design team rushes in week 2/3 to get drawings ready?

Pentashooter a la 2013? @2337

I would like to know the size of each team, to get the idea of how the divide to task and conquer.

What are you planning to use to index balls out of your ball containment units into your shooter?

What is best, tacos or burritos?

I don’t think we will be asking this question, as well all know burritos are superior.

Well, tacos are pretty good too…

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I think I’ve made my point.

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on your lap. #FTFY

After speaking with the folks on 148, we’ve decided to play a little game with the viewers. Send in YES or NO questions, and if they are good, 148 will answer some of them completely truthfully. You can do it here, or tonight in the Twitch chat.

  1. A chimichanga is a fried burrito, and they are delicious.
  2. 0.333 + 0.333 + 0.333 < 1. That’s a fact you can’t argue with. I think.
  3. I concede that there are no fish burritos, and that fish tacos are incredible.
  4. Has this never happened to you?

What insane person eats a hard shell taco long ways? That’s like eating a hamburger vertical.

Have you ever heard of a Choco Burrito? No, because they know that the Choco Taco is superior.

I have found additional data that supports the taco > burrito theory. Would still love to hear the teams’ opinions though.

Most of the teams from the GameSense Week 1 updates are planning for a meta-game where the 4th rotor a waste of time in most matches. What role would a gear-running robot serve on your alliance if you were captain?

Has nobody ever told you that .99999… = 1?

I have a few questions for 148:

  • Why did they cover their prototype with a chainsaw and not a bench grinder? Everyone knows bench grinders are superior.
  • Are they using an omni-directional drivetrain?
  • Do they predict that they will be able to achieve 4 RP often with their design?

Questions for 148:

Are you pursuing a gear floor intake?
Will your gear mechanism be entirely passive?
Will you be able to hold > 60 balls?
Are you pursuing a shooter design that can shoot more than one ball?
Are you pursuing a robot design with multiple shooters?
Are you pursuing a turreted shooter design?
Are you using velcro on your rope for your climber?

There are tons more y/n questions I could ask, but at the moment I cannot think of any more important questions.

Thanks for all the questions folks! If you have any more, send them to us via out chat bot on twitch. We’re going live in about 30 minutes, so be sure to tune in at twitch.tv/FRCGameSense!

Fish Burritos are a thing and should totally replace free corndogs and cheesecake as the official FIRST meme.