[RSN] GameSense @ 9 PM w/ 973 and 254 Coaches!

Join us TONIGHT for the season finale with Kevin Sheridan from 254, and Jack Fisher from 973, both 2017 FRC world championship (presented by Qualcomm) winning coaches!

After our jet-set tour of both championships, and the resounding success of FIRSTChampLive, GameSense and RSN is back tonight with two fantastic guests. We are happy to welcome Jack Fisher,. coach of the Houston championship winning team 973, the Greybots, and Kevin Sheridan, coach of the St. Louis championship winning team 254, The Cheezy Poofs.

Join us as we discuss their journeys to Einstein, how STEAMworks is played at the highest levels we’ve seen so far, and what our final verdict on STEAMworks is.

Don’t miss the finale to the regular season of GameSense tonight at 9 PM ET at twitch.tv/FRCGamesense or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(youtube.com/FRCGamesense)

Can’t wait!

woah, a student drive coach as a guest on the show!

Two student drive coaches actually.

Id watch if Adams baby was the special guest. 2cute2miss

We had jokingly discussed trying to go that route with Adam and Jared’s new babies, but we decided to not try and tempt the Twitch moderators.

Babies —> Championship Rings.

It’s just science.

EDIT: To be clear… I’m saying Babies lead to Championship Rings.

especially since they dont even give out rings

Oh you can definitely get rings if someone wants to order them.


I think he meant that babies lead to championship rings, not they are better. => is an arrow in this case not “greater than or equal to”

In b4 a February baby boom.

I guess I’ll have to show this to my wife…

We’re going live in about 40 minutes! If anyone has questions for us to answer or ask our guests, post them here before the show goes live, or once we are live, ask them in twitch chat with the !q command!

See you soon at twitch.tv/FRCGamesense

Can’t wait for the California take over on GameSense.


Thank you everyone for watching last night, and a HUGE thank you goes out to Jack and Kevin for coming on the show! We had a blast, and went WAY over time, but it was only because we had a lot of great stuff to talk about.

If you didn’t catch it live, check it out on our https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9wY9OvF1sc)!