[RSN] GameSense with RSN Host Emerson from 148 and Ben from 190!


Let’s talk robots! GameSense is LIVE tonight at 9 PM ET!

After two weeks of competition, things are starting to heat up! Triple climbs and rocket RPs are starting to show up; how will the competition evolve this week?

Joining us tonight is:

Francis O’Rourke: FRC 190
Dave McLaughlin: FRC 1983
Steve Kaneb: FRC 190
Ben Louitt: Guest host from FRC 190
Adrienne Emerson: FRC 148 - Winners of the inaugural Amarillo District in Texas! Oh, and also last year’s world championship.

We want to hear from you during the show, so be sure to watch LIVE at 9 PM ET tonight at twitch.tv/RoboSportsNetwork

You can also watch on our YouTube channel if your school or workspace blocks Twitch.

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Great show as always guys! The strategic analysis was on point and very educational. I highly recommend that everybody tunes into your future shows!


Thanks to everyone for tuning in! If you missed it live, you can catch the while show on YouTube.