[RSN] TONIGHT - Control System Changes w/ CTRE/NI/WPILib

Join RSN Tonight at 9 PM ET for Behind the Lines, as we go over the changes to the 2018 control system with the experts!

Joining us tonight are folks from National Instruments, Cross the Road Electronics, and WPILib to go over the changes to the control system for 2018, including changes to the Talon libraries that may throw your team for a loop later in the season. If you’re a student or mentor that works on controls, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Most importantly, our guests will be taking your questions! If you’ve got questions, you can post them here in the tread, or ask them in the Twitch chat during the show. As always, the broadcast will be available for teams to view on YouTube after the show, but unless you have a time machine, now is your chance to get your questions answered!

Tune in tonight at 9 PM ET at twitch.tv/RoboSportsNetwork, or if you can’t get to Twitch from your workspace, catch it live on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(youtube.com/RoboSportsNetwork) !

We’re going live in just a couple minutes! Last call for any questions here on CD! If you have any more questions, just send them into the chat at twitch.tv/RoboSportsNetwork

Here’s a question for CTRE: When will motion profiling be reimplemented and available on TalonSRXs?

We’re currently talking with Brad Miller and Peter Johnson from WPILib!

Now talking with Omar from CTRE! If you can’t watch the stream on twitch or youtube, post your questions here, or tweet them @robosportsnet with #BTL

He said they are targeting Friday.