[RSN] Watch the check_in Premier Tonight! Frank on Wednesday!

**RSN’s going full STEAM ahead! Tune in for our new show check_in tonight, and GameSense with Frank on Wednesday!

**TONIGHT at 7 PM ET, we’re premiering the first episode of our new show, check_in! Six great teams are opening up their doors to us an inside look at their build season. Check in with 5803, 319, 3490, 3847, 2337 and 148 **as we discuss how these teams open up their season, and what their initial reactions and plans for STEAMworks are!

**TOMORROW NIGHT at 9 PM, **we’ve got FRC Director Frank Merrick on GameSense for our annual Holiday Special! Tune in to hear Frank and the GameSense crew’s take on the game. We’ll also be doing some Q&A with the chat at the end of the show, so be ready with your (non-rules-related) questions!

You can watch it all on twitch.tv/FRCGameSense Don’t miss it!

We’re going live in about 30 minutes, so make sure to tune in!

Part 1 - 148, 319, 3940

Part 2 - 2337, 3847, 5803