RSS thread of new activity since last visit?

Alright, so here’s the idea.

By clicking the “new posts” link up top, I can get a list of all of the new activity since I last visited the site.

…is there a way to make this into an RSS feed?

Hey, if it’d save me about a dozen pageloads a day, surely it’d become an appreciable number across the sum of my fellow CD-aholics.

Customized RSS feeds are a bit processor intensive.
But actually, you don’t need to do it custom. The RSS feed could list the last (50) or so threads updated, and then your RSS reader would be able to tell you which ones are new.

Then again, a seperate page with “recently updated” threads would use about the same amount of bandwidth as an RSS feed.

There’s a thread somewhere around here, and static info on the Extras page about an RSS feed. You can customize which forums to have it show activity from, via the URL parameters.