Rubber Tracks and Sprockets

CD, we got an new off-season project with our team we are planning to build a machine moving with rubber tracks like a tank. Apperently we have lack of experience with that kind of materials.

(Home - TAGEX Technischer Handel GmbH)
We use rubber tracks from a brand named Tagex model 180x72x35
dimensions stands for:
Chain Pitch-72mm
Teeth Count-35
Ekran görüntüsü 2024-06-28 161402
we are trying to move this with an sprocket like other machines using this track
but we didn’t figure it out yet. What kind of sprocket should we use . thanks for everythink already :slight_smile:

My first question before anything else is - Is this meant to be for practicing for an upcoming FRC season, or some other side project? I’m assuming/hoping it is just a side project.

As for running these tracks, you’d need to find or make your pulleys such as these

Those are used with this system:

The same company you bought the tracks from should sell the pulleys too.

3d printed sprockets shpuld work well at thos size.
Turning performamce/torque is a big issue with treads. Your non-engaging surface will help that.

Reach out to the company and ask them what profile they use for the pulley. You should be able to convert that into a 3d print or machined part.