Rubics Cube in under six seconds

That’s awesome. It looks like it probably uses Kociemba’s algorithm to solve the cube in about 20 moves. i built a website a few years ago using the same algorithm to show humans how to do it in 25 moves or less:

The use of a robot, and a lego one at that to automate a difficult puzzle is just one good example of how programming and robotics can perform some tasks better than humans. I may show that vid to some of my students, thanks.

No Problem! It is awesome!

Woah, thanks for posting. This is definitely right up there with the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I thought my personal record of 39 seconds was pretty good…

I just watched it over and over and was more amazed each time. And to do it out of LEGOs makes it even better. Thanks for posting

No problem, wish I could find more stuff like this