Ruby on Rails

I’ve been exploring various programming languages lately and found one that really intrigued me so I figured I’d point it out to people that might not know about it.

It is a very powerful and has a lot of neat features built into it. With 3 commands, 1 line of code, and 1 table in a database you can have a thing setup to read, update, delete, and create rows in the database. It isn’t the prettiest looking thing but if you want an easy database administration section it seems like this with .htaccess could be quite simple.

Even putting together a whole site doesn’t seem like it’d be much trouble if you actually learn Ruby on Rails.

If anyone is interested, here are a couple links about it…

Ruby on Rails
Beginner’s Guide to Ruby on Rails
More advanced guide
Ajax on Rails
Neat examples of Ajax with Rails

Yes, I will agree, Ruby on Rails is very powerful.

The Los Altos FIRST Lego League competitions are using Ruby on Rails as the scoring software to score the FLL tournaments.

Ruby on Rails…sounds interesting. XD I think I’ll look into that…