Rule 3.1.4 clarification

I think rule 3.1.4 needs clarifying. I can’t find anywhere in the rules that says you can only score one bridge throw/catch per cycle. This seems to mean you can score as many of these as you want before shooting the ball, earning a ton points very quickly.

Actually, you need to go look again. It’s quite clear.

What part of:


says that you can score more than one truss or catch per cycle?

After having read the rules, it’s clear that assist and goal points are scored at the end of a cycle(When the ball passes through the goal).
However, I can’t see anywhere that says if TRUSS and CATCH points are scored immediately when the ball is passed over the truss/caught, or if they are scored at the end of the cycle. Anyone know?

In typical sports (heck, in almost all FRC games) points are awarded instantly upon their action. It makes sense therefore that truss and catch points are awarded upon their occurrence, regardless of whether or not the cycle is completed (like if it happens right before the time expires). 3.1.4 in the manual seems to back this up, saying that specifically upon the goal for credit of assist points would mean everything else was not contingent on a goal.

Thanks for the clarification.

Don’t forget you can always ask Q&A if you want, since CD is not official!

Got it.

But if you look at the image of the assist tracking system, there are flags at the bottom of the screen which show if a truss throw and catch have been made, so I think they are scored once per cycle just like the assist points.

It’s absolutely once per cycle, but it’s still to me unclear whether the points for truss tosses and catches are awarded immediately or when the goal is scored. The wording in the game manual seems to suggest immediatlely.

It could make a difference at the end of the game if you do not have time to finish scoring the over-trussed ball and possibly caught ball. Those points could be the deciding factor of the match.