rule G4 Clarification

Hey everyone, so this might have been answered already
but we just wanted a clarification about this rule:

TEAMS positioning ROBOTS in the white ZONE have precedence over opponents placing ROBOTS in the GOALIE ZONE.

does it mean that the teams that position their robots in the WHITE zone need to put their robots first or the teams that position their robots in the GOALIE ZONE need to put their robots first?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Don’t quote me but I interpret it as “White zone robots have the final say/move.”

Precedence means the White zone robots are more important, so they get the privilege of placing their robots where they want them after the Goalie robots have been placed. Not precedence in the sense of who goes first.

But “go first” is exactly what “precede” means. I wouldn’t even have considered a “more important, thus goes last” meaning before I saw so many people presenting it here. This is a wording issue that I think needs clarification in the Q&A.

A better way to think of precedence is by using its synonym which is “priority”
Teams placing their robots into the white zone have priority over the goalie teams in placing their robots.

It would appear that this would mean that they get priority for the best spot which would be the “last spot” Goalies place first… auto robots going into the white zone place last.


Possibly one of the worst worded updates that was meant to clarify I’ve seen.

It only served to muddy the waters more. Nobody seems to know for sure what the GDC meant.

Unfortunately, Chief Delphi is a poor source of information about rules clarifications. The GDC is available at the Official FIRST Question & Answer website, where your question will be available for other teams and referees as a binding interpretation of the rules.

It is unclear, but “precedence over” is not the same as “precedence ahead of”.

It would be helpful if we could see a clarification to the effect of “Precedence is used as a synonym for Priority, meaning the white zone robot gets last move.”

Damm that English Language with its nuances. Now I understand what Dave Lavery’s signature is getting at.

Seems almost everyone agrees that this was a poorly worded update, including me. I don’t think changing “precedence” to “priority” will help much, since it still means “going first” (Merriam Webster says “something that is more important than other things and that needs to be done or dealt with first” - emphasis mine).

Maybe in the next clarification, they could say something like, “TEAMS positioning ROBOTS in the white ZONE may move their robots after opponents placing ROBOTS in the GOALIE ZONE.” Maybe add something about it being at the referee’s discretion.

When you do this be careful where you place your robot not to hit the goalie robot.

What I can say abou my team The English Languge is 3-ed languge

The rule update is to prevent a goalie robot to be placed directly in front of where a robots auto shot is lined up. The rule lets the white zone robots get to have preference of place so they can line up there shots around a goalie.