Rule Checklist

Hey, there! I heard there was a checklist with the specific rules robots needed to follow, and I was wondering where I could get access to it, I looked on the FIRST page but failed to find it. :frowning: Could anyone tell me where to find this document? Huge thanks!

The robot needs to follow all the rules in here

If you’re talking about the inspection checklist, the list that inspectors will check before your robot passes inspection, that hasn’t been released yet.


If you want a inspection checklist I updated last years checklist to this years, it just doesn’t have CAW or a pnuematics section this is a word document you can choose to edit yourself and include what is missing from the 2018 inspection list found on one of my topic posts2019 FRC Inspection Checklist.docx (18.8 KB)

Here is last years inspection checklist that I used to update to this years

Better yet you could use @GeeTwo 2019 Robot Rules Summary

I also did an unofficial checklist based on last years + rule changes in response to another topic:

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