Rule Clarification: Are Starting Sides Assigned This Year?

A question came up at our strategy meeting today: in past games, the side of the field that you started on was assigned to you at the competitions. Looking through the rules, I didn’t see any rule that explicitely said this, though. Especially with each goal being team-specific, we’re curious if this is again the case. Although most likely yes, the more-friendly-rules ideology this year seems to have put some doubt into our team members’ minds. Did anyone see a rule that described this?

We were wondering this to.
I am interested in the verdict.

Good luck!

In the past, its been up to the alliance as to which side they start from, and as far as I know, thats how I interpreted the game this year.

-Jessica B

It was a little different last year because the match sheet for the qualification rounds assigned which robot goes to which side of their part of the field. That is why robots couldn’t just program their autonomous mode for the right or left side of the field only. They had to plan for both.

In Elimination rounds, however, you can pick which side of your part of the field to put your robot in.

I expect this year will be the same as last year becaues of the autnomous mode, but it is something you should ask FIRST to clarify.

Aha, and that’s what I get for not following the competition at all last year. :slight_smile:

Team update 02 edits <G11> to read:
“At the beginning of a match, each ROBOT must not exceed a 30 inch by 36 inch footprint by 60 inches tall, must STRADDLE the white line on the playing field floor, and touch the diamond plate on the Wall. A ROBOT can start in either Alliance starting position; drivers must setup under their team number.”