Rule Clarification: Auton Power Cells & limit

Hello everyone, I need some help defining how Power Cells (PC) during Auton are scored. Do the Power Cells scored in Auton count towards the 30 PC limit and the Stages of the Shield? Also, the 30 PC limit means you can only get points for scoring 30 PC’s, correct?

The only stage it counts towards is getting to stage 2. After 9, the only thing they go towards is points due to needing to complete one stage, and criteria for getting to stage 2 is teleop

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Where exactly are you seeing a limit of 30 balls?

Oh, I think you mean 29 - the limit is actually 9, not 29 (or 30), in terms of balls counting towards a stage. More than that doesn’t work towards completing the 20 balls required for Stage 2, they just score.

Ok, and I meant for balls we could score. Check pages 27-28 of the manual, where they go over the capacity of the Power Port

Do you mean stage 1? Stage 1 isn’t activated until 9 power cells have been scored and teleop has begun, not stage 2. So you are not able to activate stage 1 until autonomous is over, so any power cells scored beyond the first 9 only count as points and not towards a stage.
Table 4-1

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That’s referring to LED nodes, not balls.

Ok, I think I understand now. Also, do you only need 20 total balls scored to reach stages 2 and 3, not 29 right? (aka 20 after stage 1)

See how the numbers correspond to a grouping of lights?

Ok, so you could score more than 30 balls

Yes. Stage 2 requires 20 power cells and stage 3 requires another 20 power cells.

As stated in 4.4.3, p 36,

POWER CELLS scored after a stage is at CAPACITY generate MATCH points but do not contribute to
the next stage’s CAPACITY. POWER CELLS scored after Stage 3 is ACTIVATED continue to generate
MATCH points.

There’s no limit on how many balls you can shove in the port. All of them will generate match points. In one stage, balls past capacity won’t go toward the next stage. They still give points.

In theory yes although I think the inability of the human player to grab or release more balls would make this quite challenging

Also you might fill the corral lol

So to do all three stages a grand total of 59 power cells would be required?



49 power cells. 9+20+20

lmao sorry I am bad at math, thank you all so much!

Good luck with your season!

Thank you, you as well!

That’s what I said. It counts towards getting to stage 2, meaning activating and completing stage 1, bringing you to stage 2. Sorry if that wasn’t clear

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