Rule clarification that appears to say robots over 30 inches cannot climb?

There’s a Q&A from today that seems a bit odd:

Q.If you have a tall robot are you in more than 2 zones simultaneously?
A.Yes, depending on the height of your ROBOT, it is possible for a ROBOT to occupy more than one
Level at a time.

Admittedly they didn’t really answer the question, since they said “more than one level” instead of more than two (as was asked), but the answer here seems to imply that a robot taller than 30" is automatically in three zones (ground, 1, and 2). If this is the case, it would be virtually impossible for any robot to climb unless they inchwormed up the side.

Any clue what’s up with this?

The key word here is “contact”. Your robot may exist in as many levels as the size rules permit, as long as it is only in contact with the PYRAMID and/or floor in no more than two levels at once.

"A ROBOT has CLIMBED its PYRAMID if it contacts the PYRAMID and/or the floor (Level 0) in

A. sequential order (Level 0, 1, 2, 3) during ascent and
B. no more than two (2) Levels simultaneously.

If a CLIMB is considered unacceptable (e.g. a ROBOT has touched non-adjacent Levels or more than two (2) Levels at a time), a Referee will indicate a rejected CLIMB by turning the offending ROBOT’S PLAYER STATION LED strings yellow. The ROBOT will be ineligible for CLIMB points unless and until it begins a new CLIMB from the floor, Level 0."

Emphasis mine

The rules seem to say that you climbing is illegal if you are physicaly touching the pyramid in more than two zones, not, merely being in more than two zones.

In other words, the PYRAMID is made of metal, not air.

You are only counted to have climbed through each level if you at some point touch each horizontal bar on the pyramid. You cannot “skip” a level, meaning you can’t go from 0-2 or 1-3 or anything. They are trying to make us build robots that can actually climb, not just attach a hook and pull itself up in 1 move.