Rule G11 and Springs Rule

I have 2 Questions. What is the starting Height of the robot in the beginning of the match I know the length and width but height is also essential and the rule book doesn’t clearly enough.

Second is Can springs be used if so What kind can and cannot be used. This is also not clearly printed in the manual

Thanks in advance

The rule book clearly states in rule R02 under the section about the robot that the max starting height is 60 inches, or 5 feet. If you follow the flow chart for your spring questions, they are legal. Rule R01 state all the safety information and energy storage requirements you must meet to pass inspection with springs.

You can pick whichever you’re more comfortable with!


Ok so I wan’t readin the manual as clearly. Nevertheless thanks for the assistance and it never hurts to check with someone about ure questions

thanks guys :cool: