rule <g29> and flag

does our flag count toward dimensions on our robot? we were thinking about making a robot 36" but the flag would go over the 38" rule, allowing for us to stay upright instead of sitting on end, as stated by gdc in the q&a forums here. does this violate rules or isnt ethical or doesnt count? or is it legal?

well, first of all, i would guess that you meant that the rule was 48 inches… because it is, and no, the flag does not count as the overall hieght.

no i meant as in that since the longest dimension has to be the vertical one at the beginning then that means that a 28*38 robot that is 36" high must start on the 38" side. with this i mean that first of all which side do they want the flag on since a flag holder modified to change the orientation of the flag would likely be illegal so if we end up changing the “vertical” side of our robot then which side would it have to be on? and second does the flag (something that would put said 36" robot over 38", therefore making the other side the max dimension and totally putting the rule out of wack) change the sizing?

From <R11>:

The FLAG is not considered part of the ROBOT. However, the flag holder specified in Rule <R15> IS considered part of the ROBOT, and is included in the weight and volume determination.
and from <R15>

The flag holder must be permanently mounted to the ROBOT such that when the ROBOT is in any PLAYING CONFIGURATION and the FLAG is in the flag holder, the FLAG is approximately vertical and the top of the FLAG is a minimum of 18 inches higher than any point on the central mass or structure of the ROBOT
Any other questions?


They even state in the Q&A that if flopping is an issue then make a mast higher than your length an then you wouldn’t have to flop over.