Rule G36 conflicting Game Animation?

The Rule -
<G36> HOME STRETCH Height Restriction – ROBOTS in the HOME STRETCH of the opposing ALLIANCE can not be more than 6 feet tall. A PENALTY will be assigned for each

conflicts with with the video because the robot is knocking ball off in the home stretch, that means that it is above six feet tall and is in illegal move. Which is right? Will Dean make a mistake?

Rule G36 conflicting Game Animation?

There are several threads about this topic already:

My team just reviewed the animation - and the robot DE-SCOREING was a BLUE robot, and was in the BLUE alliance home zone. It reached OVER the lane divider to descore the red trackball

The incident in question is at 1:51 in the animation, with a red robot in the blue HOME STRETCH, though what you’re referring to is potentially a violation of a different rule (<G22>, though that’s much more debatable than this one).