Rule H9 Enforcement

Rule H9 States,

H9. POWER CELLS, recycle. During TELEOP, an ALLIANCE may not have more than fifteen (15)

How strictly do your teams expect this rule to be enforced? The rules go on to say that the human players need to make a “Concerted good effort” to release the power cells onto the field, but is the speed at which this needs to be done dependent on the referee? Our team was thinking about trying to ‘overload’ the opposing alliance station, i.e. score enough power cells quickly that they have to keep releasing them from the loading bays, but if the human players can stall long enough for their alliance’s robots to come back to their loading bays, the strategy is useless.

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It’s obviously going to be up to the ref’s discretion, but I would expect that if you’re standing around holding a ball at any point you’re going to get hit. And based one “concerted” if there’s a lot of balls back there, then any human player standing around instead of grabbing a ball is going to get you hit.

There’s some leeway, if you look at the blue box, where if the alliance is making an effort to clear out the station they probably won’t get a penalty.

If, OTOH, they’re standing around watching the action, there’s going to be some flags flying is they’re seen.

Also note H10.


What we were specifically thinking about was human players taking their time - they can be in constant motion between the corral and the loading bays, but if they’re walking slowly for safety reasons (which is valid), and only carrying one or two balls, the power cells won’t be coming out very quickly at all.

You can move fairly quickly while still being safe–you have multiple HPs, you could just have one at the Corral tossing to one feeding the Rack, for example.

I don’t know, but I would suspect that if an alliance was dragging their feet (figuratively) they’d be flagged once that was figured out. The last time there was a similar rule in 2016, it wasn’t uncommon for a short-term hoard to be missed, but a high-speed scramble once the flags started.

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Id watch out trying to break this rule. If your HP is seen numerous times dragging their feet on this. It may be deemed an egregious strategy and penalized more harshly.

Also because of the risk for penalties it may get you blacklisted from playoffs.

Id say if you want to use this rule in your favor have your human player get really good at handling these and communicating with other human players. That way at the competition you can consistently keep 15 balls in your control.

In the past this has not been very strictly enforced. This because there is no ref with a clear sight line of the balls behind the station. This year the racks may help with this so hopefully they are more strict and clear about penalties.

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