Rule Interpretation

Anyone want interpret this rule in Team Update #8 I wanna know what other people think about it beside my team.

“During the Elimination matches, teams that did not play in the 1st match of each best 2 of 3 series must play in the 2nd round of the series.”

Seems to me two robots play in the first ROUND(Quarterfinals, Semi, etc.) and the third robot doesn’t have to play one match of the semifinals and they fill in as a backup.

Any other interpretations?

The “best two of three series” they refer to means a single quarterfinal set, or semifinal, etc. Therefore, look at the following example:

QF1: Alliance 1 has teams A, B, and C
Alliance 2 has teams D, E, and F

QF1-1: Red: A,C vs Blue: D,E

In QF1-2, teams B(Red) and F(blue) MUST play…as per how the rules were interpreted at some events early in the season.

Look at it this way…when is a “series” in the eliminations best 2 of 3? Only within a single quarterfinal(QF1, QF2, QF3, QF4) or semifinal, or final.

During the second match of each ‘set’ of a possible 3 matches an alliance competes in, both alliances must switch out one robot and replace it with the robot that was sidelined during the first match.

I am completely sure that they mean that all THREE robots of an alliance HAVE TO PLAY IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE FIRST TWO MATCHES.

At some regioanls it was allowed to have a configuration of two teams play the first match of a quarterfinal and have the same configuration play the second match. They don’t want that anymore. That’s the way they want to make sure that every robot of an aliance plays at least one match per rounds of finals (quarter, semi and finals) even if there are only two matches…