Rule Problem (G15)

In the manual on rule G15 it states that if you touch opponent robot while hes trying to hang (touching switch) and the violation is that robot counts as hang but if you touch the robot and you interrapt him during him trying to level you can get that hes hanging but he dosent count anymore as level beacuse you interrapt him so if thats only 2 robots they cant get the second RP. Beacuse you can freely interrapt the level of the robots by toching one robot or the switch. If im wrong pleses refer to rules numbers .
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I can’t find a rule right now.

I will suggest that this is a question for the official Q&A when it opens.

Now, I had some trouble trying to understand what you were asking (capitalization and punctuation not being exactly present, which I understand given your location), so here’s a paraphrase, using the Manual’s capitalization for the hanging terms:

G15: If you touch a robot that is HANGING, the penalty is that the robot is HANGING. If there are two robots trying to LEVEL, and one is contacted and they are unable to get the LEVEL but both are HANGING, then it appears that there won’t be a RANKING POINT given because there won’t be enough points. Is this correct? If so, is this intentional?

Right now, I would see it as being correct. I give it 4 days after Q&A sees that question before it’s addressed in a Team Update if it’s not intentional.

I had two different answers to this that were incorrect based on my reading of the rule interactions.

Agree this would be one for the Q&A but my opinion is the result would very likely be a foul likely with a warning not to repeat. Then subsequent times would lead to tech fouls and yellow cards.

Sorry about the english haha but i see it as a important tule change that if not done could have a big impact on games

As do I.

That’s why I think it should be submitted to the GDC via their official channel, so that they can fix it. If they don’t fix it, then it’s known to be at least somewhat intentional.

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