rule question on scoring above overpass

my idea is that it would be fast when trying to score, to place the ball on the overpass, then drive under and retrieve it from the top of the overpass. I think this will be easier than trying to track the bouncing ball back down. Does anyone see anything questionable about this rule wise?

From the manual (which is quality reading, lemme tell you), emphasis mine:

and then contacts either the floor or another ROBOT before re-contacting the originating ROBOT.

Thanks Billfred. I had heard a rule about touching the Trackball existed, and was reading up on it, but couldn’t find it.

Thanks for that manual quote. :slight_smile:

But, while the trackball is sitting on the overpass it hasn’t yet CROSSED. So is the second-touch rule in effect yet?

You also run into rule G22. If you reach back to grab the ball, you’ll be crossing the line in the clockwise direction.

this is very tricky.
because your trackball is now resting on the overpass, part of the ball extends past the finish line. if you now dislodge the ball, using your robot then you get no points, since you are touching the ball while it is crossing the line.
you get no 2-point score nor the 6-point bonus. however, if you pull the ball back from the overpass, and then hurdle the ball correctly, the score should be given.

jerry w

And that’s another question. Does the rule prohibiting touching the ball as it crosses the line apply to hurdling?

I believe you are allowed to be touching the ball during hurdling. I also believe that will a clarifying update from FIRST explaining this. Lots of threads on this site asking the same question.

I do not believe that you will score if you are touching the ball while hurdling. The reason is that 2 points are scored because the ball passes the line with a 6 point bonus for being over the bar. Since the ball was being touched while crossing the line, there would be no point for crossing the line and and as such no bonus points either.

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I saw your post and reasoning on other threads. I guess only time will tell who is right :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I believe your logic is correct for going under **BUT **not for going over.

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um you can definitely work around that just make you manipulator work above your robot

i.e. put the ball on the over pass

and move foward ( cross the line for two points yessssss!!! more points) and reach back w/o moving your entire robot back

So at what point do you actually have to release the ball?

I suspect you are doing gyrations that are not necessary. As someone else said, we need clarification from First.

  1. Can you touch the ball while hurdling it through the start/finish plane
  2. Can you break the plane from the non-home stretch side of the field with your gripper to knock the ball off in hybrid


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We have a simmilar dilemma:
What actually is considered a hurdle?

^ is that really a possibility? Is putting the trackball on the overpass and just pushing it off again considered a hurdle? Can the ball even touch the overpass when its hurdled?
And then ofcourse can you touch the ball during the hurdling?

I think the robot cannot be touching the trackball at any point while the trackball breaks the plane of the line. Therefore when the ball is on top it has been touched while entering and leaving the plane if it is sat up there then grabbed off.

bah, nvm, I see the big conflict.

Keep in mind they mean for a CROSS to have a vertical projection, e.g. from a bounce or from launching it. No matter how I twist this in my head it seems the grey area is whether or not the “vertical projection” must happen before the trackball breaks the plane of the finish line or if it is still scorable to give the ball a vertical projection after it breaks the plane but before it has fulled CROSSED.

The rules seem to indicate that you must let go (not be in contact with) the trackball sometime before, during or after it completely crosses the finish line once you do whatever it is you do to get it over and to count it must touch either the floor or another robot before you touch it again.

When the trackball is completely past the finish line, if you have not all ready let go of it, you must do so now. Then, before you touch it again, it must touch either the floor or another robot.

…And have a 10-point penalty for re-crossing the line (breaking the plane is counted as re-crossing), giving you a score of zero for the maneuver and a loss of time as you must go around again.

You’ve got it Dan :cool: :cool: Let’s monitor this thread to see who was right
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