Rule Question: Robot over-extension at end of match


My team and I are having a bit of an issue. At the end of the match, we plan on using a mechanism that would extend 38in past the perimeter of the robot. Is there an exception to the standard 30in limit if it is in the final stage of the match? Someone on our team remembers reading this but nobody can find it.




The rule G24 is the rule about not extending beyond the frame perimeter more than 30 inches. Nowhere in that rule does it allow an exception for any end game portion. I believe you are out of luck.


Thanks guys. It was a long shot. Back to the drawing board I guess!!


Sorry man, no part on that robot no matter what it is can extend past the robot’s 30” restriction


Probably not helpful, but if you first flipped over, you could reach out the top of your robot as far as you want, which you would then be able to reach sideways more than 30"