Rule R3.b clarification

The rule states:
the Robot must be able to arranged into a TRANSPORT Configuration with dimensions whci do not exceed 28" wide…
42" long…
78" tall…

Question, do all the cap head bolts (heads) have to be inside the envelope? In past years, this rule referred to all frame area, except the heads.

Back before 2013, when robots used the sizing box, even bolt heads counted in size. So I would say that yes all bolts must be inside the envelope.

A Q and A just got posted about this:

Q. Do bolt heads count for the dimension in the transportation configuration?

A. There are no exemptions for bolt heads in the TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION. Please see R3: “The ROBOT must be able to be arranged into a TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION with dimensions which do not exceed 28 in. wide, 42 in. long, and 78 in. tall.”

This is also my interpretation, since 2013 & 2014 made specific allowances for bolt heads and other small protrusions. 2015 makes no such allowance.

Technically, yes. You should account for bolt heads when sizing your robot. Realistically, we aren’t using a sizing box, so getting super precise with the measurement shouldn’t be a huge deal. In the past few years the rules have exempted minor protrusions, and while that wording isn’t present In the rules this year I think most teams will assume it.

As always, the only way to know for certain is to ask on the Q&A - " are minor protrusions such as bolt heads included in the transport configuration dimensions provided in R3 part b?"

And that’s what I get for not doing my Daily Q &A reading before getting on CD!

Does anyone else see a serious potential problem here?

the answer to Q118 tells us that we need to make sure the bolt heads are all within 28" wide, which is contrary to how the robot sizing worked the past few years. The reason I think this could be a serious problem, is that we are helping a second year team, and they had their chassis assembled so that it was wider than 28", including bolt heads.

It’s an easy mistake to make, see Jon’s post above…and he’s been at it for a while.

Face it, a lot of teams don’t read the Q&A, and important things need to be pointed out specifically in team updates.

There are a few things to consider here. First and foremost, the TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION is meant to get all teams out of their build space and from pit to field by fitting through a standard size door. In the US a 32" wide door is a standard and with the door frame and knobset/crashbar, it leaves about 28" of open space. That is why for many years, the 28" dimension has been included in the robot design. We want you to be able to move your robot and get it on the field.
For those teams using the kitbot chassis kits, you must cut the provided parts to get your robot down to the appropriate size. Also, you must insert the bolts used for your axles such that the nyloc muts are on the inside of the frame. If you have the bolts mounted so that the threaded portion faces the outside of the frame the threads and the nyloc nuts will all be outside of the frame by a considerable amount.