Rule Update 1-14-14

A CATCH occurs when a BALL SCORED over the TRUSS by a ROBOT’S ALLIANCE partner is POSSESSED by that ROBOT before contacting the carpet, the ROBOT which SCORED the TRUSS, or HUMAN PLAYER. 151

What do you guys think of the new rule update? So a robot can catch it’s own throw over the truss now?

… Is this to say you can throw a ball over the truss, have a human catch it, and get 10 catch points? Seems too easy.

EDIT: No, this rule update is clarifying and saying that catch points are only rewarded when a robot on an alliance throws over the truss and it is caught by an alliance partner; it’s explicitly saying that the robot that scored the truss and the human player do NOT count for the catch points.

You can catch your own throw, but you get no points for that. According to that rule, in order to get catch points a robot must throw the ball over the truss and then that robot’s Alliance partner (i.e. a different robot) must catch it BEFORE the ball touches the ground, humans, or the robot that threw it. If you catch your own throw, you cannot get catch points.

In fact, if you don’t get catch points you cannot even try to catch again until the next cycle. [Q29]

I still think that catching your own toss is easier to coordinate and safer than the time wasted going after a missed catch. I’m not expecting enough practice field time in our new district events to get the inter-robot catching reliable enough to beat the loss of time. I hope this doesn’t deter a team from trying to catch though. The forward pass revolutionized football and will provide a crowd-pleasing and recognizable aspect to A.A…

This topic is already being discussed in another thread.