Rulebook, etc availible?

Yes, we did get the rule book, kit, lists, and all the other fun shiny things after kickoff, but when I was starting to work out some math, I realised I had no clue what the different motor’s tourque, rpm, of the pneu. cylinders’s bores and strokes.

Can this information be made availible (PDF? Word?) to people that don’t have a copy with them but still need to check up on something?

Would be much appreciated to have this dispensible via the web, preferably the CD site. can also be a mirror site for some public distributions.

Your team was given a cd that contains all the info you requested: you can make as many copies as you like or have your team leader e-mail it to your team members. Or, since Mr. Martus burned all the cd’s for OCCRA, he still has all the files and maybe he could post them in the “White Papers” here. How about it, Mike?
BTW: the motor spec’s you mentioned are on page 46 of the manual.