Rules about goalie

I thought of this when I first saw the kickoff. Couldn’t one robot stand in front of a goal the whole time and only specialize in kicking the ball very far away and also guarding the goal. I understand this would mean that two robots would have to be doing this since there are two goals, while one robot is purely in charge of offense; while I know it’ll be hard for that one robot to score won’t it also severely limit the amount of points the other team can get with this defensive manuever?
Is there a rule against this? Cuz I read through both robot and game rules and saw no such thing.

What would be the disadvantages to this other than the one I mentioned (only 1 offensive robot)

Somebody’s getting a red card under <G29> is the first disadvantage that comes to mind. You can’t have 2 robots doing guarding on the goal or even in the same zone as the goal.

There is indeed a rule against this. I don’t have the time to find exactly where it is, but it is ILLEGAL to have two of an alliance’s robots in the opposing alliance’s zone. This essentially curtails any strategy of goal-keeping.

The other thing that ought to keep you from doing this is the Co-Opertition Bonus. The winning alliance receives 2x the unpenalized score of the losing alliance, counted separately. (So if you win a match by 12-1, you really are just hurting yourself). I’m not sure if this is vice-versa (losing alliance gets 2x the winning alliance), but I’ve seen that mentioned here.

Rule of thumb in the future: READ THE MANUAL!

this stratagy is what we our looking at for our robot, but with just our bot swapping between the two goals

Would be pointless to be swapping though… unless your robot moves fast enough. Then again you could just play the zone defense: (where g are the goals)
g g

But then you severely limit your own point gains from goals.

I would like to point out one thing to you. From know on, before you start yelling and scaring off the very people that may invent something that could save your life, thus keeping them from inventing it. Read their whole post please. Pay close attention to the bold.


well you have time from when the ball is “kicked” to when it lands in the goal plenty enough time for almost any robot to stop it unless the ball is lauched like a cannon. unless they are in the nearest area then i havent came up with a stratagy against that

Is there a rule against this? Cuz I read through both robot and game rules and saw no such thing.

<G29> “Defending Robot Restriction- Only one opposing alliance is allowed in the opponent’s zone. A robot is considered in this zone if any part of the robot is in contact with the zone’s green carpet. Violation: penalty; plus a red card if effort to remedy is not immediate.”

I guess you must have overlooked this…


But wait, <G29> specifies being in your OPPONENT’s zone, not your own. Last I checked a goalie guards their own goals.


Ah, but guarding your own goals in Breakaway is counterproductive. YOU score on the goals in your zone. They score in the ones at the far end of the field (their zone). If you want to defend your own goals from yourself, be my guest.

A Goalie in Breakaway is at the far end of the field, keeping Red from scoring into the Red goals (or Blue from the Blue).

Take a quick look at the first picture in Section 7, and the first one in Section 6, and you’ll understand a little better.

Ah, oops. That makes more sense. I was thinking too much like soccer.