Rules are made to be broken?

Why is Airstrike allowed to sell raffle tickets at RI district?

Speak to the event organizers and the district leadership.

Oh man, what are they giving away? It could be anything! It could even be a boat!

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FIRST Waterworks 2018 confirmed!?!?!?!?!?

I believe it was run by their non profit Aquidneck Island Robotics (aka AIR) that typically runs the event and fundraisers.

Adam is correct. The fundraiser was for the non-profit Aquidneck Island Robotics Inc. (AIR) AQUIDNECK ISLAND ROBOTICS INC - GuideStar Profile

AIR coordinates 6 FIRST Teams (FLLJR, FLL, FTC, and FRC), a VRC Team, and a SeaPerch team not to mention a variety of community outreach events. AIR helps coordinate local FLL and FTC events as well as the Rhode Island District event (since districts started in 2014).

Nearly all district events in New England have host teams/organizations that work year round to produce district events (we have already begun 2018 planning). Typically those organizations get opportunities to raise funds by selling concessions.

Bryant University was not able to give AIR permission to sell food as it had a contract with a third party. Permission was asked to sell 50/50 raffle tickets with approval from Bryant, the RI State Police, and NEFIRST.

Also of note, I was a member of the planning committee of this event. If anyone has questions, I’ll do my best to answer.

To the original poster - it appears you attended the Waterbury district this year. 3525, the host team of the event, sold food. Do you see a problem with this as well? The same is true for 3467 at Granite State and 88 at Southeastern MA. Hartford has two teams with concession stands. This is standard operating procedure in New England (and other districts) and with the amount of work that goes into producing a district event, it is a perk that is well earned.

Was this necessary on CD? You could have easily asked a mentor on 78 without coming across as salty.

I believe the OP is referring to:

The rules below apply throughout an event: from load in to load out.
E08. Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts or any promotional products.

found in the Event Rules.

The manual refers to teams.

AIR is event staff.

Literally all teams who host events do this because they are event staff.

I like that interpretation. I personally don’t like this rule, because the official FIRST merch is usually overpriced junk. Still have to live by it, though.

Request: if events could start selling gaff tape, zip ties, rivets, safety glasses and some VexPRO parts like say RING GEARS… some of us would greatly appreciate it.

No for real this would be awesome.

Seconded. Maybe get Home Depot/Lowes to contribute to this?

Thanks for the clarification. I was confused by the answer I got at the event, which was that it was ok because its a NEFIRST event not a FIRST event.

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They didn’t come across as salty and most people on this thread saw that. People should be able to ask for some information or insight to a situation and not be ridiculed for asking the question on the forum specifically meant to gain and distribute information.