Rules Clarification

I’m currently looking at the requirements for the Website Award and I found this:

Can I easily return to the website from an outside link?

What’s that suppose to mean?

I take that rule to mean that if someone clicks on an external link, it should always open in a new tab/window. That way, all the person has to do is minimize or close the new tab to get back to your website.

Basically, make all external links open in a new window/tab.


That’s what I thought, but, right above that in the rules you can find:

Do external links open new, separate browser windows?

I don’t think they’d just repeat that.

Yea, that is a good point. But there isn’t any other feasible way to interpret it. Unless they want us to hack into the sites and put a link to ours. Someone should post that on Q&A, I can if you want. It could just be a typo. Sorry if that doesn’t help that much.


If you could, that’d be great. I can’t post in FIRST’s Q&A for some reason.

ok, I will do it tomorrow, don’t have the login in with me :slight_smile:

By the way, like your site and your sig.


It could be a typo considering the 3 or 4 misspelled words on the Website Guidelines documentation

I am sure they only mean that if they opened an external link from your website, it should be opened in a new tab or window so it can be easier for them to navigate the external website and than get back to your site with out pressing on the back button.