Rules for wandering around and photographing matches?

Hi all,
I’m a mentor on rookie team 2846 and will be at our match in April. I like to take pictures and am wondering if there are any rules about my wandering around and taking pics both of my team and others.

That is to say, is it ok for me to walk up to the arena and get close ups? Or will I have to stay, or sit far away??

Thanks for your thoughts,


Most regionals will allow you to get right up by the field and take pictures but they ask to be careful and watch your appendages.

I personally take tons of pictures each year and I get right up to the field. Every participant is supposed to sign a waver allowing everyone and anyone to be photographed.

-Mike AA

Each team is usually given what is called a media pass. It allows one person from each team to get down beside the field and take video or pictures.

One team member gets what was just talked about above as a media pass.

I’ve volunteered for 3 years and have always worked the field. As long as you stay far enough from the field that you aren’t in danger and that you try not to interfere with any of the robot loading and unloading, its almost always allowed.

Being right next to the field is a great place to get great angles of your robot in action.

Yeah, teams usually get a media pass which allows a team member to get up and close to the action. Other than that nothing is stopping you from wandering and taking pictures and video in other places.

If you want to get some up close shots of another team’s bot in the pits, it’s best to ask first, thought I’m not sure they could really stop you. (but you should ask anyway, it’s nice).