Rules issues...

I don’t exactly know where to post this, but here goes…

Can we use compressed air to “prime” the pneumatics system before a match starts? To be precise, from an external source?

No, see rules R68, and R69.

You can, however, fill the tanks with the robot compressor before a match.

Yes… but no.

Yes, you can charge your pneumatics system before entering the field for a match.

No, you cannot use anything other than the robot’s one and only one compressor, onboard or offboard, run by the RoboRio. (R68)

And be prepared to demonstrate it for the inspectors. They will need to verify:

  1. You are using the FRC approved compressor
  2. That it is powered by the FRC approved battery
  3. That the compressor is controlled by the roboRio
  4. That all pneumatic requirements are applied to the compressor setup as well as the pneumatic system on the bot (we put regulators, pressure release valves, and indicators on both setups i.e. everything required to be on the robot was also put on the compressor setup)

We have successfully done this several times and with the old compressors it saved us on weight. With the new compressors being so lightweight you must be in a real estate or weight crunch to need to keep it off-board.

R68 and R70 would prevent it.

R68 says one and only one compressor, and when that compressor generates pressure, R70 says it can only be stored on the robot.

So, for a robot with an on-board compressor, there is no way for an external source to provide air (either generate, or temporarily store for future use).

Or a power crunch :wink:

Okay, so we would be able to have the compressed air tank be full before the match… Thank you all. Actually, it was either my team being bad at communicating, or me misunderstanding the question, but anyway… I got my answer.