Rules on scaling?

Do you have to have a fully destroyed tower to scale the opponent’s tower? How about the thing where the three robots surround it? (please excuse my lack of terms, I don’t feel like looking through the manual thing again to find one word) Does that require that the tower be “destroyed”?

In order to earn a ranking point, the tower must first be destroyed, then all three robots must surround the tower.
However, a team can still earn points in the match for finishing on the opponents tower.

Scaling earns 15 points all by itself independt of the state of the castle.

Scaling is one way to capture. To capture all three robots must either scale or challenge (drive to the bottom).

I have another question about scaling: Can I contact the side of the tower while I do it. For instance, can my scale have wheels that touch the tower while I winch up from the rung ??

As long as you are not physically damaging the tower in doing so, there is no rule that says you can’t.