Rules Presentation

Hi everyone.

A mentor from our team (Robokronos, team 4203) made a slideshow that highlights essential rules and aspects of the game that all team members should know. It made the game more clear to our team members, and we thought it could potentially help others as well!

So here it is, hope it helps.

FIRST 2015 Recycle Rush Rule Slide Show - JBli.pdf (3.95 MB)

FIRST 2015 Recycle Rush Rule Slide Show - JBli.pdf (3.95 MB)

That is great. I am sure it will come in handy.

Great slideshow…My question is…How can you possibly build a robot to play a game…When you obviously have never even actually read the rules? (Was directing that at students, not at the slideshow maker…He read the rules).

Hey guys, I’m the one who created the presentation; I didn’t realize this was already put this up, thus I posted this already in the General Discussions topic, but I made the Google Presentation public so anyone can view it here:

as well as this handy sheet of possible ways to score for your team that I have attached (I omitted the 4 pt litter to the other team):
scoring - RR - frc 2015.pdf (130 KB)

Perhaps it is geared toward students/mentors/parents who work with the nontechnical side of FIRST. Or as a reference point for someone who has read the rules but likes to keep the key points in mind.