Rules regarding lights on robot

Our team wants to put blue lights on our robot (since it is our team color). However we are not sure if we are allowed to since the goals will have blue lights lit up on them at times (i.e. to designate “hot spot”). We are wondering if there is any rules regarding this.


You’ll have to assess your design on the basis of this rule, which isn’t clear-cut.

You should be fine. Putting reflective tape on your robot is illegal since it messes with vision processing, but lights are okay provided they are not blinding.

Not quite. Don’t know if it really matters, since there may be teams that target the lights during teleop, but appropriate alliance colors (blue/red) to indicate number of assists. Yellow to indicate Hot Goal during autonomous.

Thank you for your help. We are going to go ahead and put them on and if there is a problem we will take them off.

Are you sure the Hot Spot LEDs are blue? Maybe a careful reading of the rules could be your friend??