Rules violations spotted on webcasts

I’ve been hopping between a few feeds today and I’m seeing quite a few violations on the field…

  • One spy had powered signaling devices (gloves with blinky lights) that he turned off after the match
  • A robot that starts it’s climb by jacking up the back of it’s frame by a foot to get the right angle to the bar (R22)
  • Various and sundry team members crossing defenses during match reset that don’t get caught
  • A fair number of illegal bumper numbers (Blue on Blue background?) (R28)
  • Major structural failure of robot causing bumpers to be dragging, but not DISABLED (R19-1)

Be careful out there teams, and notify your alliance partners if you see a violation, even if they get away with it. This is not a request for tattling, but more of a GP request to make sure the playing field is fair and safe. Future alliance partners will thank you.

To add to the list, I saw several instances of:

  • Extending higher than 4’6" before the final 20 seconds. At least once, a team had finished scaling before 20 seconds left. That 30 second noise is to warn you that 20 seconds is coming up people.
  • Robots exiting an opponent’s courtyard through the secret passage. The only legal way in AND out of the opponent’s courtyard is over a defense.

Well, technically, you can exit their courtyard to their secret passage, but your point is taken.

GDC should’ve yellow striped the secret passage border that’s not courtyard adjacent, then called it the SECRET ENTRANCE. Then that rule would’ve been much easier to understand.

At least one tower capture that was credited even though at least one robot was not able to stay on the batter at the conclusion of the match (couldn’t quite see if another one that rolled back managed to hang on the lip). Saw many credits for a challenge that way as well.

Were their bumper numbers outlined in white? This would be allowed per rule R28-A.

Maybe? The numbers may have been clear enough in person to satisfy the rules, but they were hard to read know the webcast.

I would have a hard time believing they would be able to pass inspection if they weren’t outlined. Additionally, the refs should be able to spot a violation and report it to the LRI to have the issue taken care of.

WOW!! They just announced the correction of the invalid capture from Match 6 at GTCR that I was referencing…~23 hours later.

Mulling over internally how I feel about that and would like to know what the information that led to the deliberation was in regards to changing it after the fact. Was it initiated entirely by the ref crew via notes of talking the match over later?

  • A QF match had a Blue robot hit a Red on the batter in the last 20 seconds, and then the same blue bot went through the opponents secret passage to get on the batter, and neither action was penalized.
  • The QF match after that, a blue robot was shoving a red robot going through a defense, but did not get a penalty, and as a result blue won the match by two points.

Wasn’t on a webcast but I witnessed a robot running a pair of linear actuators with illegal motors all day today.

how do you know they were illegal?

They openly told me the motors came with the actators, they were not dart actuators, and they were clearly not an frc approved motor

EDIT: See related picture -

On a related note, the climber the actuators were attached to gave the alliance the 10 points they needed to win the final match of the event.

That’s unfortunate. The inspectors should have caught that.

I watched a cast where I couldn’t tell if it was me being fatigued, or if the spy was actually wearing gloves which emitted light.

It was initiated entirely by the refs via match notes. The head ref individually reviewed that match (among many others) overnight and discussed it with the rest of the crew the next morning. There was no team input at any stage.

Hopefully that alleviates any concerns you might have.

How were they allowed to play in elims with illegal motors? Did you bring it up to the inspectors or the referees?

Must be an automotive motor.

It was brought to the attention of inspectors during the course of eliminations, who, after a brief check of the robot in question, examined the manual, discussed it amongst themselves, and subsequently opted to take no action. Why they chose not to I can only speculate.

I would love to see the car that has a linear actuator on it.

I’m not trying to point fingers at the team in this case, my guess is they just didn’t know any better, but if inspectors cannot identify illegal motors or can but choose to not intervene, there’s a problem somewhere.

Also, I’m pretty sure the actuator in question is one of these, and per the discussion in this thread, could be used but only if the motor was switched out for an FRC legal motor and the internal switches bypassed.

Can’t say it’s too hard to figure out who the team is…