Rules what is a Catch and what is Possesion?

A CATCH occurs when a BALL SCORED over the TRUSS by a ROBOT’S ALLIANCE partner is POSSESSED by that ROBOT before contacting the carpet or HUMAN PLAYER.

So If A throws over the Truss to B and the ball hits the top of B how long does the ball have to be there to be considered possessed? Will there be instant replay to determine that the ball was possessed and not simply deflected? :rolleyes:

So what is possession vs deflection in an assist? Same question really: If A (zone 1) passes a ball to B (zone 2) who is stationary, the ball bounces off B to C (zone 3) who scores , is that 30 points since B never really ‘possessed’ the ball?

Hopefully, when the rules Q&A starts up we will get some clarification.

We’ve been discussing this here