Rules, White Papers, UFH, etc.

The rules can now be found via the link in the bottom right of every page, in case you want to refresh your memory at any time in the future.

The White Papers are up. They are not uploadable yet; just browseable. I will work on that and image uploading this coming weekend, probably.

The Helpful Links are back on the Portal. Check em out. If we’re missing any, let me know (via the handy-dandy suggest a link … link…) :]

Happy New Year. Dick Clark* will be here to announce the first UFH of 2004 at Midnight. Don’t miss it.

  • scheduled to appear. All programming is subject to change. :smiley:

Dick Clark
Are you for serious?

hey brandon, whats up with the ufh of jan1-15 being displayed now…its 7:20pm est on 12-31-03…

The January UFH is being posted early because of unavailability of the UFH committee this evening.

ok… thought it was a server thing, to refresh at midnight… what ever, its cool though to see ufh back! Congrads Mr. Evoy!

It turned on at Midnight GMT. The new server is set to GMT, the old was in EST. Either way, I’ll have to fix that for next year.

The time screw up was the reason Dick Clark couldn’t attend, too. He was upset that we revealed it before he could get here. He said that next year he’ll still come and help us with the first UFH of 2005, though.


I apologize if this post does not belong here. I once had a picture in my signature that said “404 Error” in blinking green letters. Earlier today, someone from this forum imed me on aim saying that i was gay because someone or something changed my signature to a very vulgar statement. If this is someones idea of a joke, stop it. Its a cruel joke, and I do not swing that way. So I ask that whoever did that, please stop it.

I suggest you change your password, and be sure to log out when you are done if you browse on a public computer.